Depositing electronic publications

Depositing electronic publications
Electronic Publications

Depositing electronic publications

The British Library and other legal deposit libraries are entitled by law to collect UK-published material that is protected by password or behind a login facility by harvesting, subject to giving at least one month's written notice for the publisher to provide a password or access credentials.

Alternatively, by mutual agreement, a publisher and deposit library may decide to use another deposit method such as publisher delivery.

For further details please contact:

Digital Processing Team
The British Library
[email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)1937 546060 (Customer Services)
Email: [email protected]

Publishers based in Scotland are asked to contact the National Library of Scotland about electronic legal deposit at the National Library of Scotland. Electronic publications deposited with the National Library of Scotland are also made available at the five other legal deposit libraries.

Publishers based in Ireland are asked to contact The Library of Trinity College Dublin.
The Library of Trinity College Dublin now offers the service edepositIreland; the current focus is the voluntary deposit of open access electronic publications.
edepositIreland is a free-of-charge, easy-to-use online repository. Irish publishers can login and deposit their publications directly into their own branded collection. They can use this collection to be the home for their publications: it will have its own collection search facility; usage statistics will be available; and each document will have a permanent URL.

For further information about edepositIreland:

Email the Accessions Librarian

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