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The ALDL aims to procure goods and services sustainably

In line with European Union and Scottish Government regulation, The ALDL aims to procure goods and services sustainably, ethically, fairly and transparently.  The form of procurement will vary depending on the nature, cost and complexity of the item(s) to be purchased.

At the ALDL we will procure our goods, services and works in a way that minimises the impact on the environment where it is practical and economically viable. We will seek savings in energy, reduce waste, recycle and promote a sustainable approach to the way we conduct our business.

Conditions of contract — goods and services

We have three standard conditions of contract for purchase of goods and services available to download in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Who do we help?

We work with anyone who produces content in print format in the UK by helping them to deposit their publications. This includes new and existing publishers and also help support small publishers, societies and organisations.

We work to ensure the legislation around publisher obligations and Legal Deposit are met for the libraries mentioned above. You can read more about this here. ALDL provide information to publishers about Legal Deposit and their obligations under Legal Deposit Legislation and provide information and contact details to allow publishers to deposit their publications.
Large Publishers,
Societies and 

How can we help?

We help publishers understand what Legal Deposit is and the legal obligation placed on publishers to deposit.
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Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries is a registered Scottish charity: Scottish charity number: SC040300
Company Registration Number: SC348650